Teleknetic orbing is a magical power featured in the television series Charmed. It is generally possessed by whiteligher/witches and allows them to move objects with the mind via orbing. Paige Matthews is the first character to use this ability. Piper's children Wyatt and Chris are also users. Paige activates her power by calling for the object. Wyatt and Chris, however, are able to use it without having to do so.


  • Paige Matthews ("Charmed")
  • Wyatt Halliwell ("Charmed")
  • Chris Halliwell ("Charmed")
  • Melinda Halliwell ("Charmed")
  • Simon Marks ("Charmed")
  • Matthew Halliwell ("Charmed")
  • Guardian of the Hollow ("Charmed")
  • Gideon ("Charmed"; deceased)
  • Leo Wyatt ("Charmed"; formerly, as an Elder)