Fiona goode

Fiona Goode, the Supreme from 1971 to 2014


Cordelia Goode, the current reigning Supreme as of 2014

The Supreme Witch, simply refered to as the Supreme, is a concept in American Horror Story: Coven. The Supreme is the matriarch of the coven. There is only one Supreme per generation. Once one dies, the next in line is enthroned with her powers. The Supreme is decided through the test of the Seven Wonders. Supremes are heavily rewarded in life, being granted with things like money, fame, power and health. 

The Seven WondersEdit

The Seven Wonders are seven powers in which only the Supreme is capable of. As the previous Supreme begins to die, each coven member will attempt the Seven Wonders to decide who will take her place. The only girl who has successfully performed all powers is enthroned with Supremecy. These powers are:

  • Telekinesis
  • Concilium (mind control)
  • Descensum (descending into the netherworlds)
  • Transmutation (teleportation)
  • Vitalum Vitalis (the balancing of scales between two life forces)
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Divination

It was said by Supreme Anna-Lee Leighton that a very talented witch can manifest many powers without being the Supreme.

The Sacred TakingEdit


Anna-Lee Leighton, the Supreme from 1940 to 1971

During times of crisis, the coven will perform a ritual known as the Sacred Taking. In this ritual, the old Supreme who is too weak to lead the coven through this particular crisis, will sacrifice herself and let the new Supreme rise and lead the coven to safety. This rite was has only been performed three times in the coven's history: once during the Salem witch trials when the coven fled south and the Supreme of that time, Prudence Mather, was too old to make the journey and during the time of the Court of Awyer termination.

Known SupremesEdit