Queenie is a character created by Ryan Murphy for the television series American Horror Story. She appeared in the third season titled, "Coven" and was portrayed by Gabourey Sidibe. Queenie is a tough witch and a student at Miss Robicheaux's Academy. She possesses the power to harm or inflict pain on others by inflicting damage upon one's own body. Because of her power, she refers to herself as the "Human Voodoo Doll".


Queenie worked in a chicken fast food restaurant in Detroit. A rude customer caused her to use her power to boil his arm. This incident made the paper, which is how Cordelia Goode found Queenie and invited her to study witchcraft at Miss Robicheaux's Academy.

Queenie felt left out of her coven because she was African-American. She eventually left their coven and joined the Voodoos with Marie Laveau. After Marie was attacked by a witch hunter, Queenie moved back into the Academy.

Although she did not pass the test of the Seven Wonders, Queenie is now a member of the Council of Witchcraft.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Empathic masochism: The ability to inflict pain or damage on others by inflicting pain or damage upon one's self.
  • Descensum: The ability to descend into the netherrealms.
  • Telekinesis: The abilitiy to move objects with the mind.
  • Vitalum Vitalis: The ability to revive someone near to death by transmitting some of one's own lifeforce into them.
  • Concilium: The ability to control others' minds.
  • Transmutation: The ability to teleport instantly to a nearby area.