Jesus Velasquez is a brujo (witch) that was intorduced in the third season of the popular HBO series True Blood.


He was a main character for the third and fourth seasons, but became a recurring character in season 5.

Season 3Edit

He's introduced in the series as a potential love interest for Lafayette. He was born in Catemaco, Veracruz, México, a famous place, full of "brujos". He works as a nurse at the mental institution where Lafayette's mother is a patient. On their first meeting, he seems to take an immediate interest in Lafayette, followed by a personal visit to Merlotte's to spend time with Lafayette while he is at work. Although they like each other, he leaves once he finds out Lafayette is a drug dealer. When Lafayette calls Jesus to help with his mother, their attraction is once again ignited and they spend the night together. Jesus reveals himself to be a "brujo" (or "witch") to Lafayette and encourages him to develop his own Wiccan talents.

Season 4 Edit

n season 4, he is revealed to be a Wiccan student of Marnie Stonebrook. The character is exclusive to the series, and was developed to help extend Lafayette's storyline. In the season 4 finale, Marnie kills Jesus to gain his power. His ghost later visits Lafayette to comfort him.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Jesus descends from a long line of powerful brujos and Wiccan practitioners. Along with his brujo talents, he's also part demon, which has been passed down to him by his ancestors as well. In season 4, when he met Marnie, she taught him many things, which made him a stronger witch. He was able to penetrate Marnie's sun barrier that she placed around her Occult shop.